The health benefits of using a bidet toilet seat.benefits of using a bidet toilet

Water is the real motivation behind using a bidet. Because of its cleansing power with warm water, the bidet gently targets water towards the perineum area. Once a person a finished relieving themselves the natural warm water instantly and thoroughly cleanses the area reducing the chance of bacteria to germinate which in turn eliminates the risk of infection.  An electric bidet has a warm aerated water stream that has changeable water pressures for men and women. No need for soaps, toilet paper with harsh wiping. With a bidet you get cleaned instantly.

 Why hands free is the answer.hands free benefits of using a bidet toilet seat

To start almost 80% of all infectious diseases are passed by human contact.  Estimates are that 50% of people washing their hands after using the facilities, and many of them do it incorrectly. So if you don’t have to use your hands at all then there is less chance of passing or coming in contact with an unwelcome virus.  The Bidet does all the cleansing hands free. This decreases, and can eliminate the chance of germs from urine and feces to multiply by contact with surfaces, and contact with others. It is also useful for elderly people or if you have limited motion since it doesn't involve bending and reaching.

 Benefits for Female Hygienefemale benefits of using a bidet toilet seat

Bidets are a great way to leave a women feeling confident, secure, refreshed, and completely clean.  The warm gentle water flow has various settings that allow comfort that is suitable to the woman’s needs. The warm cleansing water is beneficial during menstruation, or a great way to freshen up before and after intercourse.  The warm water cleansing is a good way to help alleviate the problems that occur after pregnancy, such as rashes, constipation, and the soreness  and bleeding that come from diarrhea and hemorrhoids. It also may aid in preventing urinary tract infections.

 Benefits for Male Hygienemale benefits of using a bidet toilet seat

Using a bidet if you are man can leave you feeling confident, secure, refreshed, and completely clean.  The warm cleansing along with the warm air dryer allows for a hands free encounter.  Bidets are one great way to help alleviate the problems associated with soreness from hemorrhoids, rectal itching, and constipation. Men to like the extra freshness and cleanliness you can achieve. Wives and mothers will like not having to look at the possible skid marks some males tend to leave behind.

 Benefits for Children’s HygieneChildren's benefits of using a bidet toilet

Good personal hygiene is something we all want for our kids. Children are always catching colds, and are prone to viruses because they always seem to be getting into something that is dirty, or unclean.  A bidet is even gentle enough that a child can use it.  The proper supervision of an adult is necessary, but it is the good way to install at an early age, the importance of good personal hygiene. This can allow them to grow up without the problems that many adults have to deal with today. Washing your bottom after every “use” is a good reminder for children to follow when they perform proper bathroom hygiene. It will continuously be used to help them to develop great personal hygiene habits. Personal hygiene is important for children and it will help prevent them from getting sick by eliminating fecal matter and bacteria.

 They add luxury to your bathroomluxury benefits of using a bidet toilet

Installing a bidet toilet seat yo any toilet instantly transforms that toilet into a highly functional piece of luxury that will spoil you and wish you would have bought one sooner. No longer are they looked at as something utilitarian. The styling can add to the look of your bathroom. Your bathroom will be like the ones featured on the top home remodeling and design shows. Your friends will be jealous and want one two once you tell them how much you love it.

  Benefits for Senior Citizens, Disabled, or Handicappedelderly benefits of using a bidet toilet seat

Bidets have many advantages for seniors.  Because it is a hands free device, it is know no longer necessary to have to need of a care giver for those moments when they may feel ashamed. This will allow seniors to have that feeling of confidence, and dignity since they will not require the need of assistance when they need to clean up. Because a bidet is hands free it has excellent benefits for those who are handicapped or disabled. Their self-confidence is once restored knowing that they can use the restroom without having someone to clean up after them.

 Comfort Benefitscomfort benefits of using a bidet toilet seat

Most bidets come with a heated seat and charcoal air filter to absorb odors. We all know what it feels like to climb out of your warm bed and sit on a cold seat. You will also rest easy knowing you are as clean and fresh as you could possibly be! The enema feature on some models also helps to relieve constipation. They come with slow closing seats, so they won't slam shut.


 It is very environmentally friendly.environmental benefits of using a bidet toilet seat

Not only do you cut back on paper use which saves trees, your local waste water facility will benefit due to the reduction in paper they have to screen out. These newer flush-able wet wipes are already doubling their work load as more people use them.

 No more clogged toilets, and easier on septic systemsno clogged toilet benefits of using a bidet toilet

Nothing is worse than having to clean up after a clogged toilet. Toilet paper and wet wipes claim to be flush-able, but the truth is they both are well known to clog any toilet if too much is used. Also, the toilet may be fine, but there is a blockage elsewhere in sewage piping. Also if your house is not connected to a city sewer system, you will have a limit on your septic tank. Using less toilet paper will allow for your septic tank to be emptied less! When using a bidet toilet seat, the most  toilet paper you will need is just a few sheets if you choose to pat yourself dry.

Bidet toilet seats are just cool!cool benefits of using a bidet toilet seat

Being able to clean and dry with just the push of a button makes anyone feel like royalty on their porcelain throne.
Bidets are still a fairly new concept in the United States but they are rapidly gaining more popularity as people begin to understand how beneficial they are and how much they contribute to a healthier and happier lifestyle.
Bidets will make your life easier, keep you clean and refreshed after each use, save you money, and fascinate your peers.

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benefits of using a bidet toilet