Bidet benefits for men.

We are just going to lay it all out here. We understand this may get a bit awkward….you know, talking about your personal matters here in an open forum, but when you get down to taking care of business, that is when we get down to taking care of business, and our focus is on, well, your bottom line!

We will star this off with one simple question. Out of how many days of the year do you use the toilet? As we anticipate your answer to be 365, let’s just say that is 365 reasons why you should get a bidet or a bidet heated toilet seat.

“But isn’t that something a woman would prefer to use?”

Well, yes, of course. Women do seem to gravitate towards the use of a bidet or a bidet heated toilet seat, but why should you be left out? You deserve the benefits of one, too.

First of all, you can easily attach a bidet heated toilet seat to your existing toilet, and the aerated water can be pressure and temperature controlled. (Now I bet we have your attention, guys! By incorporating those buzzwords here, we hope to be speaking your language!)

“But why do I really need one? I don’t get that dirty using the toilet.”

Uh, okay…. we beg to differ, so let us challenge you there. Using ordinary toilet paper will not get you to the same level of clean and fresh as a bidet will, and certainly not from a sanitary perspective.  Here’s another way of looking at it – would your car get clean if you washed it with paper? Using a bidet typically puts an end to those unsightly skid marks that magically appear in your undies!

bidet benefits men

As we have mentioned before on our site and in this blog, having a bidet saves you money because you won’t have to purchase as much toilet paper.  (Key words:  saves you money!)

Additionally, a bidet or a bidet heated toilet seat does wonders when it comes to alleviating the pain and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids and constipation. (We warned you – we have no shame reflex when it comes to talking about this stuff!)

A bidet or bidet heated toilet seat is a great way to clean up after you spend “quality time” with your significant other in the bedroom. (You know what we mean. We aren’t going to amplify further here!)

Plus, a bidet or a bidet heated toilet seat adds form, function and comfort to your bathroom and is extremely easy to install. You will look like the consummate handyman with little to no effort at all!  Imagine the accolades you will receive from your wife or significant other when you complete the installation!  You are never too cool for a bidet or a bidet heated toilet seat.

And if you don’t want to admit using one, don’t worry…it’s our little secret. In fact, we’ll even put a lid on it for you….literally!

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