Bidet benefits for women.

If you are a woman and are reading this post, we highly suspect you have at least some interest in maintaining that clean and fresh feeling all day long! After all, you undoubtedly touch up your makeup during the day and freshen your hair.  So, why not feel clean from top to bottom…literally?  With a bidet or a bidet heated toilet seat, personal and discreet freshness is at your fingertips.

It’s no secret that many women have visited the doctor more than once for a urinary tract infection or a yeast infection. No fun, to say the very least. How would you like to add a bit more time to your already busy schedule and not have to visit the doctor for such ailments? Do you know one of the primary causes of UTIs and yeast infections?  Improper wiping with toilet paper. A bidet can greatly reduce your chances of encounters with these unwelcome conditions, as a bidet can effectively clean the entire genital area, getting rid of obnoxious bacteria far more effectively and efficiently than toilet paper.

Then there is that monthly visitor, those three to seven days during the month where you probably feel less than fresh. A bidet is a great way to alleviate your menstrual symptoms and keep you feeling fresh even on those days when you probably feel your worst.

Do you suffer from hemorrhoids and constipation? You can once again thank a bidet or a bidet heated toilet seat for stepping up to the plate…or the bowl, if you will…for alleviating related symptoms. Who has time to feel weighed down by those things?

And, if you don’t mind us getting a bit personal and intimate here, a bidet or bidet heated toilet seat will do a great job at getting you clean before and after sexual intercourse. (Hey! Someone had to say it, but it’s true!)

More than anything, a bidet is useful for general feminine hygiene.  Use it for any time you want to freshen up a little. The gentle spray can be adjusted for a comfortable pressure level and temperature. When you clean those intimate areas with fresh clean water, it is the best way to sanitize.  Besides, many soaps can be highly irritating.

Finally, you just may be the hit among all your friends.  With a bidet, you can add class, style and comfort to your bathroom.

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