Why a bidet is better than flushable wipes.

Because toilet paper can seem too harsh to use on our seemingly delicate hindquarters, many people opt for those flushable wipes. After all, if they are good for a baby’s bottom, why not use them on ourselves? Sure, they are softer, wetter, easier to use than toilet paper, often come with a great scent and really seem to get the job done, but in the long run, can they readily compete with a bidet or a heated bidet attachable toilet seat when it comes to providing a thorough cleaning?

First of all, those flushable wipes are not cheap. They can put a significant dent in the budget and they are also quite adept at creating a hazard on the sewer pipes.  (Clogged toilet, anyone?  “I love to unclog my toilet,” said no one ever.)

Plus, all of those wipes are quite taxing on your local sewer treatment plant, filling septic systems and causing incredibly messy problems, which are paid for with your tax dollars. Some cities are even placing a ban on their use. Why would you want to just flush your hard-earned money down the drain, literally, especially when you are not fully cleaned anyway?

flushable wipes

When you purchase a bidet heated toilet seat, you can make your money work for you, not the local sewer treatment plant. And the clean, refreshing feeling you will enjoy as a result will make you feel as if you are walking on water instead of paying so much for it. (Fun fact:  It takes far more water to produce wipes and toilet paper than it does to actually use a bidet or an attachable bidet toilet seat.)

Instead of using flushable wipes, which through constant use can irritate your undercarriage, why not enjoy a warm and relaxing spray only a bidet can provide that will gently clean your private parts instead of just smearing the waste all over your bottom? Plus, let’s not forget that warm air dryer.  Oh, yeah! Enough said!

Using a simple attachable (and heated!) bidet toilet seat, you are in for a real treat.  You will no longer have to spend money on those wipes you seem to adore; you will be doing your part for the environment; and you will be giving your posterior a real treat with a warm, clean and sanitizing spray that will leave you feeling far better than those flushable wipes.

Remember!  Every day is a good day when you have a bidet!

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