Bidet use in the USA – A Growing Trend?

Whether you are familiar with bidets are not, chances are most of your encounters with one have been while you have traveled, perhaps to other parts of the world where they are for more common than in the United States. In Europe, South America, Japan, and the Middle East, bidet use is just as common there as the empty roll of toilet paper that rests forlornly on the holder next to the toilet here in the US. (Admit it – every time you use the toilet, someone has “forgotten” to replace the roll of toilet paper! Keep reading, and that could be a thing of the past!)


More than likely, you have heard of a bidet but are uncertain as to how one works. Similar to a toilet, a bidet is specifically destined to help you freshen up subsequent to using the toilet. After all, fresh hindquarters are key to good health! Most modern bidets come equipped with one or more jets that spray water as you straddle the device for a far superior cleaning than that old roll of toilet paper…. if you even have any within arm’s reach!


Despite the fancy sounding French name, a bidet does not necessarily equate to a big ticket item, especially if you invest in a bidet toilet seat, which can be placed on top of a regular toilet. Certainly, there are some high-end bidet toilet seats that might set you back a grand or so, but there are also some that can be found for just under $100.00…and you don’t even need a plumber to install it for you!


It has been proven that bidets use is simple, hygienic, soft on your skin and great for the environment – many qualities Americans seek in so many other products – and these attributes are what have given rise to the increased popularity of bidets and bidet toilets.


While everyone can benefit from a bidet use, they are highly beneficial to those in the afternoon of life. If you are older and suffer from arthritis or are just a bit unsteady on your feet, you may not be able to shower successfully or even get the job done with standard toilet paper. With a bidet, freshness is served in an instant and can be relied upon as a great source of personal hygiene.


For others, bidets are frequently seen as a luxury item, and folks are adding bidets and bidet toilet seats to their homes to add that spa-like element (and to impress guests!) to their homes. Sure, it’s not uncommon for the man of the house to want to show off his newly-renovated man-cave, but can you imagine the impression you will make when you reveal what your bathroom holds?  “Check this out! This bidet toilet seat has digital temperature controls, precision sprayers and air dryers and even a motion-activated lid! I tell you, this has truly become the best seat in the house, my friend!”

bidet use in the usa

So while you may not see a bidet or a bidet toilet seat in everyone’s home in America just yet, be patient.  The tides are quickly turning and what has been viewed as a luxury item or something “folks in other countries use,” we believe bidet use will soon become a standard feature in the American home. Consider making that investment yourself today. If anything, you may never have to argue about the proper way to hang a roll of toilet paper ever again – you can put that “over or under?” debate to rest. Instead, just aim, spray and dry!


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