For most Americans, having a bidet in the home may seem like an unusual feature, perhaps reserved for the more luxurious of homes and/or hotels. It may seem like a frivolous expense when good, old-fashioned toilet paper can get the job done. Besides, why spend money on a seemingly upscale item when a four-pack of toilet paper can cost you a few George Washingtons?

bidet can change your life

Instead of rolling your eyes at the thought of a bidet, why not open them a bit? Did you know that bidets are actually far more hygienic than toilet paper? Consider this: When you get something extremely dirty on your hands, opening the door to various germs and bacteria into your life, do you just rely upon a paper towel to clean them off or do you head for the sink

Whether you are familiar with bidets are not, chances are most of your encounters with one have been while you have traveled, perhaps to other parts of the world where they are for more common than in the United States. In Europe, South America, Japan, and the Middle East, bidet use is just as common there as the empty roll of toilet paper that rests forlornly on the holder next to the toilet here in the US. (Admit it – every time you use the toilet, someone has “forgotten” to replace the roll of toilet paper! Keep reading, and that could be a thing of the past!)


More than likely, you have heard of a bidet but are uncertain as to how one works. Similar to a toilet, a bidet is specifically destined to help you freshen up subsequent to using the toilet. After all, fresh hindquarters are key

Bidet benefits for men.

We are just going to lay it all out here. We understand this may get a bit awkward….you know, talking about your personal matters here in an open forum, but when you get down to taking care of business, that is when we get down to taking care of business, and our focus is on, well, your bottom line!

We will star this off with one simple question. Out of how many days of the year do you use the toilet? As we anticipate your answer to be 365, let’s just say that is 365 reasons why you should get a bidet or a bidet heated toilet seat.

“But isn’t that something a woman would prefer to use?”

Well, yes, of course. Women do seem to gravitate towards the use of a bidet or a bidet heated toilet seat, but why should you be left out? You deserve the benefits

Bidet benefits for women.

If you are a woman and are reading this post, we highly suspect you have at least some interest in maintaining that clean and fresh feeling all day long! After all, you undoubtedly touch up your makeup during the day and freshen your hair.  So, why not feel clean from top to bottom…literally?  With a bidet or a bidet heated toilet seat, personal and discreet freshness is at your fingertips.

It’s no secret that many women have visited the doctor more than once for a urinary tract infection or a yeast infection. No fun, to say the very least. How would you like to add a bit more time to your already busy schedule and not have to visit the doctor for such ailments? Do you know one of the primary causes of UTIs and yeast infections?  Improper wiping with toilet paper. A bidet can greatly reduce your chances of

When using a bidet constipation is not a problem. It happens to all of us. The inability to go to the bathroom and “take care of business.”  The resulting discomfort isn’t easy to ignore, either.  Sure, you can take certain over-the-counter medications and remedies, but sometimes those don’t do the trick.

A common means by which to end the suffering of constipation is the use of an old fashioned enema.  Yes, we agree…that is not something to which any of us look forward to. Trying to force a bowel movement out through repeated pushing can damage the surrounding blood vessels and injure your anus.  Why put yourself at risk? And even though for certain things it’s fun to be part of the crowd, do you really want to be among the 140 million people who purchase a laxative product at least once annually?

There has to be a better, safer

Because toilet paper can seem too harsh to use on our seemingly delicate hindquarters, many people opt for those flushable wipes. After all, if they are good for a baby’s bottom, why not use them on ourselves? Sure, they are softer, wetter, easier to use than toilet paper, often come with a great scent and really seem to get the job done, but in the long run, can they readily compete with a bidet or a heated bidet attachable toilet seat when it comes to providing a thorough cleaning?

First of all, those flushable wipes are not cheap. They can put a significant dent in the budget and they are also quite adept at creating a hazard on the sewer pipes.  (Clogged toilet, anyone?  “I love to unclog my toilet,” said no one ever.)

Plus, all of those wipes are quite taxing on your local sewer treatment plant, filling septic

Bidet Toilet Seat – We cannot put a lid on our enthusiasm for these bidet heated toilet seats! (Well, actually we can put a lid on them but you will have to read further to see just how we accomplish that!)

 Have you ever dreamed of a high-performance toilet seat? That may sound kind of funny when you say it, but it is definitely a possibility. If there is one seat that gets a lot of miles on it, it is the toilet seat, so why not make that seat the most comfortable one in your home?

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Our Bidet Toilet Seat Store has everything you

I have to confess. One of the consistent items on my shopping list is toilet paper.  Even when we purchase it in bulk, there never seems to be enough of it around the house. And, of course, there is also that inconvenience when someone “forgets” to replace the empty roll and you are left sitting there, facing quite the conundrum! When it comes to bathroom habits, toilet paper may not necessarily be the answer.

toilet paper not answer

Thanks to our cultural conditioning, we Westerners rely heavily on toilet paper to clean up after ourselves. We justify it thinking it is superior to using water from a bidet to spray ourselves clean. That just sounds messy, right? Why would we want to get water all over the