Because toilet paper can seem too harsh to use on our seemingly delicate hindquarters, many people opt for those flushable wipes. After all, if they are good for a baby’s bottom, why not use them on ourselves? Sure, they are softer, wetter, easier to use than toilet paper, often come with a great scent and really seem to get the job done, but in the long run, can they readily compete with a bidet orRead More
When using a bidet constipation is not a problem. It happens to all of us. The inability to go to the bathroom and “take care of business.”  The resulting discomfort isn’t easy to ignore, either.  Sure, you can take certain over-the-counter medications and remedies, but sometimes those don’t do the trick. A common means by which to end the suffering of constipation is the use of an old fashioned enema.  Yes, we agree…that is notRead More

Bidet benefits for women.

Posted on May 10, 2017
If you are a woman and are reading this post, we highly suspect you have at least some interest in maintaining that clean and fresh feeling all day long! After all, you undoubtedly touch up your makeup during the day and freshen your hair.  So, why not feel clean from top to bottom…literally?  With a bidet or a bidet heated toilet seat, personal and discreet freshness is at your fingertips. It’s no secret that manyRead More

Bidet benefits for men.

Posted on May 8, 2017
We are just going to lay it all out here. We understand this may get a bit awkward….you know, talking about your personal matters here in an open forum, but when you get down to taking care of business, that is when we get down to taking care of business, and our focus is on, well, your bottom line! We will star this off with one simple question. Out of how many days of theRead More
Whether you are familiar with bidets are not, chances are most of your encounters with one have been while you have traveled, perhaps to other parts of the world where they are for more common than in the United States. In Europe, South America, Japan, and the Middle East, bidet use is just as common there as the empty roll of toilet paper that rests forlornly on the holder next to the toilet here inRead More

Will a bidet toilet seat fit my toilet?

Posted on April 21, 2017
This is probably the question that we get the most. The answer is most likely yes! We can make a bidet toilet seat fit pretty much all two piece toilets and some, but not all one piece toilets. If your one piece toilet has more of a right angle where the tank meets the base, most likely it will work. Some one piece toilets are a french curve design. The Kohler Rialto and San RaphaelRead More

How a bidet can change your life.

Posted on April 20, 2017
For most Americans, having a bidet in the home may seem like an unusual feature, perhaps reserved for the more luxurious of homes and/or hotels. It may seem like a frivolous expense when good, old-fashioned toilet paper can get the job done. Besides, why spend money on a seemingly upscale item when a four-pack of toilet paper can cost you a few George Washingtons? Instead of rolling your eyes at the thought of a bidet, whyRead More