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Premium Class BB-i3000 Bidet Seat


#1 TRUSTED AND RECOMMENDED NAME IN BIDET PRODUCT BIO BIDET proudly introduces the new BB-i3000 bidet seat.
The first ever invention using the latest technology to maximize not only therapeutic benefits to personal hygiene, but to your health!!!
The new “First-Class” i3000 Premium Bidet seat is unmatched! It’s the newest patented technology available in the world.

Introducing the Bio Bidet’s patented invention of hygienic nozzle with VORTEX WATER STREAM! The VORTEX water stream has been scientifically designed to surge a mass of water in a helix motion. This whirly mass of water oscillates in helix form and alleviates difficult bowel movement by loosening the dry hardened feces from the bowels. This is a natural and non-abrasive alternative to laxatives!

The one of a kind Premium BB-i3000 is a non-electric bidet seat that requires no batteries or electricity and is only powered by your home’s fresh water supply.

Special features on the BB-i3000 not found on other non-electric bidets include the helix motion enema wash and feminine soap dispenser.

Adjust the water pressure and temperature easily with an easy to use lever control and dial. As the most fully-featured non-electric bidet seats, the Premium BB-i3000 fulfills every cleansing need at an advantageous price with easy D.I.Y installation and no additional plumbing or electrical requirements.

Economical with Features Galore.

What makes the Premium BB-i3000 unique

The Premium BB-i3000 has long been one of the more popular models due the easy control system and versatility as a non-electric bidet.

Designed to be a “one size fits all” bidet seat, the BB-i3000 has features that aren’t present on traditional non-electric bidets such as a built-in soap dispenser and Helix Motion Enema Wash. The BB-i3000 is the perfect solution for those who want as many features as possible on their bidet without using electricity.


No electricity of battery is needed.

BB-i3000 is direct water connection that requires no batteries of electricity. You can either connect hot and cold water or only cold water for both inlets to use it with room temperature water.

Built-in mixing valve mixes water to deliver desired water temperature.

One and Only Feminine Soap Reservoir

For an ultra clean experience.

The Premium BB-i3000 is the first and only bidet to feature a soap dispenser to be used in conjunction with the feminine wash.

As the first medically approved device in South Korea, emphasis was put on the BB-i3000’s ability to be an effective lifestyle device to promote healthier living and optimum hygiene.
By simply filling the soap reservoir with mild feminine wash, you get a fresh spa clean feeling every time you use your Premium BB-i3000.

Easy Joystick Control.

Easy controls for maximum cleansing.

Another unique aspect of the BB-i3000 is the joystick control. Instead of a knob that you turn left and right, the Premium BB-i3000 is controlled by a single joystick that easily moves back and forth to select varying water pressures for posterior, feminine, and the Enema wash.

Also on the BB-i3000 are the temperature selection dial and the cold water bypass button that flushes out the cold water in the tubing straight into the toilet.

All features are easy to use and do not require batteries.


Bio Bidet will give you the Best Warranty and the Best Customer Satisfaction!!!



  • Patented vortex nozzle system
  • Dual nozzle
  • Easy D.I.Y installation
  • No electricity or batteries required
  • Room temperature water
  • Exclusive soap dispenser
  • Self-cleaning nozzle
  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Cold water by-pass
  • 2ea 3/8″ brass T
  • 1ea Water supply tubing
  • 1ea Braided fill valve water supply hose
  • 2ea Mounting bolts
  • 1ea manual
  • 2ea cone packing
  • 2ea washers
  • 2ea nuts
  • 2ea bolt guides

Click the links below for manuals and specs BB-i3000 Bidet Seat

User manual (PDF)

Quick Guide (PDF)


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