Why toilet paper is not the answer.

I have to confess. One of the consistent items on my shopping list is toilet paper.  Even when we purchase it in bulk, there never seems to be enough of it around the house. And, of course, there is also that inconvenience when someone “forgets” to replace the empty roll and you are left sitting there, facing quite the conundrum! When it comes to bathroom habits, toilet paper may not necessarily be the answer.

toilet paper not answer

Thanks to our cultural conditioning, we Westerners rely heavily on toilet paper to clean up after ourselves. We justify it thinking it is superior to using water from a bidet to spray ourselves clean. That just sounds messy, right? Why would we want to get water all over the floor and potentially all over our clothes? Well, many other countries seem to have this toilet paper thing figured out. They have the best of both worlds: they use bidets for a water-fresh clean and they do not have to put their hands “down there,” keeping both aspects of their body clean and fresh.

Think about it:  Do you really want someone to serve you food or hold your hand when you really don’t know where those hands have been?  This is where the bidet comes in and the toilet paper goes out.  Let me offer you a few good reasons why toilet paper is not the answer to your cleaning needs after taking care of business, and why you should consider using a heated bidet toilet seat to clean up after each and every time:

First of all, water is more hygienic than toilet paper. All of the excess urine and feces are washed off, leaving you without that lingering smell that tends to take up residence in your underwear.

When using water, the skin endures less friction. Even with that super soft toilet paper, you are still scrubbing your skin. How can that be a good thing, especially if you are sensitive to toilet paper?

One of my personal favorites:  Too much toilet paper in the toilet bowl can clog the pipes.  I cannot tell you how many times I have had to plunge a toilet over the years. Just doing that grosses me out and is not very sanitary.

Why do we use wet wipes to clean a baby’s bottom? Doctors typically recommend cleaning those precious hindquarters with water even before using wet wipes, since babies’ skin is too sensitive for the wipes or the dry paper.

When you use water to clean your bottom, you reduce the chance of infection in the genital area that toilet paper can cause, especially if you forget to wipe from front to back.

Also, if you suffer from any of the ailments listed below, toilet paper will only serve to aggravate them:

Rectal itching




Infection caused by some viruses, bacteria, fungus, yeast, etc.

Anal Fissure


Rectal Prolapse

Prostate infection

And, finally, let me leave you with this quick mental image:  When a man with a beard spills food or some liquid or soft food on his facial hair, can he really clean it off with just dry paper? Unlikely. If he does, he will be left with a residue that will eventually dry and begin to smell. Just drag that image a bit south and we think you will get the picture!

Toilet paper or water? We believe a heated bidet toilet seat will finally put a lid on this debate!

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