Using a bidet for constipation: It’s time you gave a crap!

When using a bidet constipation is not a problem. It happens to all of us. The inability to go to the bathroom and “take care of business.”  The resulting discomfort isn’t easy to ignore, either.  Sure, you can take certain over-the-counter medications and remedies, but sometimes those don’t do the trick.

A common means by which to end the suffering of constipation is the use of an old fashioned enema.  Yes, we agree…that is not something to which any of us look forward to. Trying to force a bowel movement out through repeated pushing can damage the surrounding blood vessels and injure your anus.  Why put yourself at risk? And even though for certain things it’s fun to be part of the crowd, do you really want to be among the 140 million people who purchase a laxative product at least once annually?

There has to be a better, safer and gentler way, right?

If you own an attachable bidet toilet seat, you could give constipation the boot. Say “good bye” to stool softeners, stimulants, and lubricants.  A bidet heated toilet seat just may be the answer for which you are searching. Who knows? You may even find yourself dancing around the living room proclaiming, “It’s a miracle! It’s a miracle!”

Bidet constipation

With a bidet heated toilet seat, you can take control of your bowels and show your frustrations the exit door, literally.  With this seat, you can adjust the water pressure and the water temperature to your exact needs. Warmer temperatures will cause you and your muscles to relax, encouraging the natural flow of things. Don’t you owe it to yourself to enjoy fast relief from such discomfort?

Using a bidet toilet seat is great not only for your bowel health but also for your overall health. Go ahead! Take a seat! You will be glad you did!

Here is a link to the large selection of bidet toilet seats. With a bidet constipation is under control.

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