Novita BH-90/93 Bidet Toilet Seat with auto opening/closing lid and seat


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Novita BH-90/93

Novita BH-90/93

Novita BH-90/93- Novita was founded in 1984 as a subsidiary of Samsung, Novita has built its bidet toilet seat reputation on quality and design. Novita has been the number one selling brand in Korea and also the top selling Korean brand in Japan (under the Toshiba name). Recently acquired by Kohler, Novita has now made its way into the US market with their flagship Novita BH-90/93 bidet seat. The BH-90/93 bidet oozes quality from its brushed stainless steel accents to its automatic opening and closing seat / lid. This bidet toilet seat features a gorgeous wireless remote control with a back-lit LCD screen and touch buttons. It is a true luxury class bidet toilet seat, the Novita BH-90/93 is built to compete with upscale brands like TOTO.

Features and Functions

– Wireless white remote control with blue led back-lit screen and easy touch buttons
– Available in a White color and Round or Elongated sizes
– Brushed stainless steel inlays
– LED night light
– Silver nano nozzle treatment for sterilization
– Auto open/close seat and lid
– 1 button open/close seat and lid
– Turbo cleansing function – 1 button touch for a strong, rear wash with oscillation
– Advanced TFR water heating technology
– Endless warm water
– Silver nano nozzle treatment for sterilization
– Dual stainless steel wash nozzles
– Self cleaning nozzles with replaceable tips
– Nozzle oscillation
– Warm air dryer
– Strong deodorizer
– Auto wash cycle
– Pulsing massage function
– Energy saving functions
– Quick release seat bracket
– Child safety feature

Click the links below for manuals and specs Novita BH-90/93

User manual part 1 (PDF) Quick Guide Front (PDF)
User manual part 2 (PDF) Quick Guide Back (PDF)

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs

Elongated, Round


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